The Alliance 4 Democracy took form as a result of the attacks on democracy brought about by the Harper Government: the slashing of environmental regulations, the muzzling and lay-offs of government scientists, the gradual dismemberment of CBC, not to mention abusive omnibus bills filled with all kinds of cut backs while still keeping in place oil and gas subsidies. There has been an undermining of climate initiatives and a complete lack of encouraging alternate energies or even measures to diversify our economy. The deceits and downright lies are legion. We’ve
protested the (Un)Fair Elections Act which not only makes it harder for Elections Canada to do its job, but makes it harder for people to vote. We’ve protested Bill C-51, which interferes with Canadians charter rights and turns Canada into a police state. Along the way we’ve created alliances with like-minded groups and appreciate the support of you, our members.

Leading up to this federal election, we realized that we could play a positive role in unseating a Harper backbencher, the Conservative MP for our riding, Mr. Weston. We gradually realized that in order for this to happen, and because there are three progressive parties splitting the anti-Harper vote, we would have to recommend strategic voting to unseat him. A difficult thing but also an opportunity. In fact, there’s been a strategic voting groundswell across the country along with the growing realization among Canadians that we need electoral reform. A4D strongly supports this and will work our hardest towards Proportional Representation being in place before the next federal election.

We are agreed that the candidates for the Greens, the Liberals and the NDP are all excellent and we would have been pleased to recommend any of them. However, it looks like only one, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, has a chance to unseat Weston. Check also the latest polling results on our website. Although her lead appears to be widening, polls are by no means a sure thing so we recommend that people who want to vote to get rid of Harper, cast their vote for the Liberal in this riding, as the strategic choice.

There are many who will not want to vote strategically and we fully support their right to decide that for themselves. However, for those committed to getting rid of the Harper Government (and even some Conservatives want this) voting strategically will give us the best chance in our riding and indeed across Canada. By voting together, we believe that we can start to reclaim the Canada we know and love and replace fear and divisiveness with fairness and democracy.

We thank our members for your on-going support and urge you to vote on Oct. 19th (as early as possible) and encourage friends, family and neighbours to do the same. Since Elections Canada is operating under impossible new rules, please let us know of any difficulties you, or people you know encounter. There is also a Council of Canadians site, Votewatch, set up for that purpose.


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Dogwood Initiative
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Dogwood Initiative
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