Please get out and vote and especially encourage younger and/or first time voters to get out to vote

Let’s be sure to vote for sustainable jobs, environmental protection, proportional representation, affordable childcare and a government that stands up for its citizens, not corporate interests.

The team at Alliance 4 Democracy believes that the BC Liberals do not deserve another chance to form government and here’s a few of many reasons why:

  • A secretive government that does not keep emails (remember triple delete?) and makes it as hard as possible for citizens to find out what’s going on.
  • Financial recklessness by robbing from ICBC and BC Hydro in order to balance the budget, not to mention the unnecessary and tremendously costly Site C dam
  • Accepting huge donations from corporations and then granting those same corporations juicy contracts and newly emerging giant tax breaks
  • Allowing the Lower Mainland housing crisis to spin out of control, finally doing something about it after Opposition Housing Critic David Eby pushed hard enough
  • Green light to increased tanker traffic through vulnerable coastal waters in the form of three times more bitumen-carrying tankers and potentially catastrophic LNG tankers, all within waters occupied by the highly threatened southern resident orca whales
  • Doing next to nothing for Species at Risk and even promoting a Grizzly bear hunt
  • Failing to monitor and properly steward BCs precious water supply
  • A Climate Action Plan that is more like a Climate Inaction Plan
  • Allowing industry to self-regulate and such severe government staff cut-backs that monitoring environmental degradation dropped to abysmal level (let’s not forget Mount Polley – still a seething mess)
  • Failure to act on the Fentanyl crisis, the doctor shortage, children in care and poverty reduction
  • Education cutbacks until the BCTF won a court battle at the Supreme Court to reinstate teachable class sizes

Here’s some good sites to consider as you decide:

Be sure to visit the Alliance 4 Democracy Facebook page
But most importantly – look into the issues, make up your own mind and get out to vote!