Election 2015

Has the Harper Government Served You?
Your Family? Your Country?

60% of Canadians say “NO!”

MP John Weston Serves Harper, Not You

John Weston, Conservative MP for the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky riding, is a staunch supporter of the Harper agenda. He has voted in favor of all government bills, including Bill C-51, Harper’s ill-advised Anti-Terrorism Act. He also supports building pipelines, increased tanker traffic along the BC coast and closing the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station.

National Polls Show Canadians Want Change

Canadians are demanding change and understand that vote splitting will once again play in Harper’s favor. We cannot let this happen!

In our riding, three credible opposition party candidates: Pamela Goldsmith-Jones – Liberal; Larry Koopman – NDP; and Ken Melamed – Green; are running to defeat Weston. Most importantly, all three parties are all committed to changing the biased ‘first past the post’ system for some form of Proportional Representation.

In this election, Canadians believe that our core values and our planet are more important than personal political loyalties.

What Can Be Done to Stop Harper?

We advocate using Strategic Voting to defeat Harper and as many Conservative candidates as possible. This is done by voting for the candidate – whether NDP, Liberal or Green – that is most likely to win the riding. In our riding it is too early to tell which candidate has the best chance of defeating Weston. However, as we get closer to Election Day, polling information will show the candidate mostly likely to defeat Weston. We will post that information on our home page.

Strategic Voting 2015

Can stategic voting work in our West Vancouver-Sea to Sky- Sunshine Coast riding?




Register. Check to see if you are registered using the Online Voter Registration Service


Get out the vote

Encourage family and friends to become registered voters and to vote. Help students get registered. Volunteer to help the A4D Get out the Vote working group.


Make sure YOU vote