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Fair Vote Canada urges considering PR in NDP leadership race

Proportional Representation needs leadership! Please consider joining the NDP now to elect a leader passionate about PR! The NDP leadership race is underway. Proportional Representation has been in the NDP policy book since 2003 but it took Jack Layton and Thomas Mulcair to make it an election issue, and Nathan Cullen and Alex Boulerice to carry the torch as resolutely as they have done since the October 2015 election. We need the NDP to continue their leadership on changing the voting system so that all voters are equal. Let’s not lose the momentum! It’s never been more important to our movement to elect an NDP leader with a firm commitment to implementing proportional representation (PR) as the top priority of a new government. Electing a strong NDP PR advocate is an essential part of our multi-partisan journey for equal votes: In 2013, we encouraged our supporters to back Joyce Murray, the only pro-PR candidate in the Liberal leadership race. While she came second, our support DID make a difference. She injected PR into the Liberal leadership debate. And, we actively promoted Elizabeth May’s “Save Democracy from Politics” tour. Now, the Liberals have turned their backs on voters who believed the promise to end winner-take-all voting. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians took the time to participate in the consultations in good faith, only to see the evidence and the promise tossed aside...

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Get out and Vote on May 9th!

Please get out and vote and especially encourage younger and/or first time voters to get out to vote Let’s be sure to vote for sustainable jobs, environmental protection, proportional representation, affordable childcare and a government that stands up for its citizens, not corporate interests. The team at Alliance 4 Democracy believes that the BC Liberals do not deserve another chance to form government and here’s a few of many reasons why: A secretive government that does not keep emails (remember triple delete?) and makes it as hard as possible for citizens to find out what’s going on. Financial recklessness by robbing from ICBC and BC Hydro in order to balance the budget, not to mention the unnecessary and tremendously costly Site C dam Accepting huge donations from corporations and then granting those same corporations juicy contracts and newly emerging giant tax breaks Allowing the Lower Mainland housing crisis to spin out of control, finally doing something about it after Opposition Housing Critic David Eby pushed hard enough Green light to increased tanker traffic through vulnerable coastal waters in the form of three times more bitumen-carrying tankers and potentially catastrophic LNG tankers, all within waters occupied by the highly threatened southern resident orca whales Doing next to nothing for Species at Risk and even promoting a Grizzly bear hunt Failing to monitor and properly steward BCs precious water supply A...

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Join the Global Climate March

Sunshine Coasters will join millions around the world in the Global Climate March and Rally in Vancouver at 1 pm on Sunday, November 29,  starting from the Vancouver Art Gallery on Georgia Street. The marches will occur just hours before world leaders meet at the UN Paris Climate Summit – COP21. Concerned citizens will fill their streets in some 2,000 marches around the world, setting out people-powered demands for the world we want and need. The key demands will be that COP21 come up with a treaty strong enough to keep the carbon in the ground and inclusive of financial...

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Why A4D supports Strategic Voting

The Alliance 4 Democracy took form as a result of the attacks on democracy brought about by the Harper Government: the slashing of environmental regulations, the muzzling and lay-offs of government scientists, the gradual dismemberment of CBC, not to mention abusive omnibus bills filled with all kinds of cut backs while still keeping in place oil and gas subsidies. There has been an undermining of climate initiatives and a complete lack of encouraging alternate energies or even measures to diversify our economy. The deceits and downright lies are legion. We’ve protested the (Un)Fair Elections Act which not only makes it harder for Elections Canada to do its job, but makes it harder for people to vote. We’ve protested Bill C-51, which interferes with Canadians charter rights and turns Canada into a police state. Along the way we’ve created alliances with like-minded groups and appreciate the support of you, our members. Leading up to this federal election, we realized that we could play a positive role in unseating a Harper backbencher, the Conservative MP for our riding, Mr. Weston. We gradually realized that in order for this to happen, and because there are three progressive parties splitting the anti-Harper vote, we would have to recommend strategic voting to unseat him. A difficult thing but also an opportunity. In fact, there’s been a strategic voting groundswell across the country along with the growing realization among Canadians that we need electoral...

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The State of Canada’s Democracy: ‘ All Candidates’ Forum a Success!

Sechelt’s All Candidates Forum on the State of Canada’s Democracy drew an engaged capacity crowd to the Sechelt Indian Band Hall on Friday, October 2nd, moderated by District 46 School Board Chair Betty Baxter. Three candidates, Ken Melamed – Green, Pam Goldsmith-Jones – Liberal and Larry Koopman – NDP gave open and honest answers to questions covering Canada’s democracy, governance and elections, climate change, science policy and transparency, social programs, health care, pharmacare and home care, the CBC, First Nations, women’s rights, marijuana,  pipelines, tankers and energy policy, engaging younger Canadians,  fisheries, child and family poverty, temporary foreign workers...

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