Month: July 2017

Welcome the new BC government

This tool allows you to send messages to the new BC Government about Site C, Kinder Morgan and Electoral Reform…. all in one click! July 18th John Horgan’s NDP government was officially sworn in, and people across the are celebrating this exciting opportunity for progress after 16 years of B.C. Liberal rule. The new government made bold promises to put the brakes on Site C, block the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and launch a process for electoral reform. But we can’t take anything for granted. Corporate lobbyists are already trying to sow panic about the economic impact of stopping Kinder...

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Fair Vote Canada urges considering PR in NDP leadership race

Proportional Representation needs leadership! Please consider joining the NDP now to elect a leader passionate about PR! The NDP leadership race is underway. Proportional Representation has been in the NDP policy book since 2003 but it took Jack Layton and Thomas Mulcair to make it an election issue, and Nathan Cullen and Alex Boulerice to carry the torch as resolutely as they have done since the October 2015 election. We need the NDP to continue their leadership on changing the voting system so that all voters are equal. Let’s not lose the momentum! It’s never been more important to our movement to elect an NDP leader with a firm commitment to implementing proportional representation (PR) as the top priority of a new government. Electing a strong NDP PR advocate is an essential part of our multi-partisan journey for equal votes: In 2013, we encouraged our supporters to back Joyce Murray, the only pro-PR candidate in the Liberal leadership race. While she came second, our support DID make a difference. She injected PR into the Liberal leadership debate. And, we actively promoted Elizabeth May’s “Save Democracy from Politics” tour. Now, the Liberals have turned their backs on voters who believed the promise to end winner-take-all voting. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians took the time to participate in the consultations in good faith, only to see the evidence and the promise tossed aside...

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